Horse race ownership is an exciting way to get involved with our fantastic sport and at Harry Dunlop racing we offer a range of participation options that are open to all. There’s no greater thrill than watching your horse run and the feeling of having a winner means so much more when you’re personally involved with the horse.

The types of ownership available include:

Sole ownership - You will get to name the horse and choose the colours it runs in. All costs and winnings will be yours.

Joint ownership – Between two and 12 people can jointly own a horse, with each of you registered as an owner.

Racing partnership – Partnerships can have up to 20 people in them and at least two will become registered owners. They will be responsible for the administration of the partnership.

Company ownership – If your company buys a racehorse it will be owned solely by the company and its shareholders.

Leasing – This involves owning a horse for a set amount of time. You will be responsible for costs during the lease period and the horse will run under your ownership until the lease expires.

Find out more about racehorse ownership with Harry Dunlop by contacting us today or go to the Horses For Sale page.


“We have been with Harry since day one. Over the seven years we have only had one year without a winner. Along the way we have met some lovely people, not least of these being Harry, Christina and their two boys Tom & William plus Truffle the prizewinning pig!”
Paul Gehring, Eric Gehring & Peter Rous

“Harry is hardworking, ambitious, innovative and patient, meaning that his horses progress well throughout their careers and are found excellent opportunities to win. Harry has already enjoyed notable success in France utilising the excellent premiums over there and I expect him to score more big race wins in both the UK and France in the very near future.”
Matt Coleman, Stroud Coleman Bloodstock